Now that I have taken to the road performing live in various parts of the world again it has been repeatedly suggested to me that I get a Facebook page so I can collect more “friends” and fans and followers as I globe-trot.

I have resisted this for so long (kind of like the unlimited texting debate I engaged myself in several posts back). Well, in my head too – but I b*tched about it quite a bit here and elsewhere. I eventually caved.

I find the whole concept behind Facebook personally repulsive, but I can’t deny its potential value as a marketing tool. I suppose I’ll have to do some research and see if it is something I can put some fairly strict limits on in terms of what I share and who I “friend”. Hell, I set this site up so people could find about me and my doings, but not too easily. I don’t want to just have somebody type my name into the Facebook search engine and have me pop right up.

(Hey Michael, remember me? I was your best friend in 8th grade). No you weren’t;  you were a complete douchenozzle; and I don’t give a flying f*ck about your whereabouts or doings these days.

perfectlyreasonabledreams was set up to be my personal playground and journal. If anyone wanted to follow along (and a few do – Google Analytics tells me so) so much the better. The more the merrier, but Facebook (in my observation) has a way of eating your life; and just elicits an instinctive “Hell no” from me.

So – social hell, massive infringement on privacy, business tool, a way to build a fan base for when I finish my next CD (if I’m ever in town long enough to do so) or just a huge time-suck?