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Yeah, so I messed with it a bit…

Jussie Smollett

I’m going to (mostly) steer clear of this one, but this bit in a CNN article jumped out at me.

Before the alleged attack, Smollett made sure the neighborhood had security cameras to ensure the assault would be recorded, Chicago police Superintendent Eddie T. Johnson said Thursday.


“But unfortunately that particular camera wasn’t pointed in that direction,” he said.


Seriously? Dude, you’re an actor. Find your mark!

Straight Up Swap

Texas Minutemen Militia and Arizona Border Recon for the Central American migrant caravan.

I like it.

Easter Fool’s!

Easter & April Fool’s have fallen on the same day. Seems like an opportunity too good to pass up from a humor perspective.

However, it appears that “He is risen!.. naaaaah, just f&*kin’ with ya” is a joke only I appreciate.

Who would you rather punch?

Martin Shkreli or Stephen Miller?

Yeah, that’s a toughie. Discuss…

The “Elites”

So we have a lot of pushback against those damn “elites” that want to tell those of us in flyover country how we should live, think, vote & act.

Let’s unpack that for a second though. Especially in light of the recent NFL knee-taking followed by another Trump tweetstorm.

Hollywood & the major sports leagues aren’t full of people who, unlike Trump, were born on third base thinking they hit a triple (to use a particularly apt sports metaphor.) Instead they’re full of people from the Midwest & the projects et al. Many are the “American Dream” personified.

Many of them remember going without dinners as a kid. Many of them are just a short time away from sweating bullets over making rent for an $800 studio apartment. Most of them worked their a**es off to get where they are. Sure and there are some who achieve positions aided by family connections, but I think it’s safe to say this is the exception rather than the rule. In areas where performance counts in such a blatantly obvious way, it’s put up or shut up & it doesn’t matter who your daddy is.

So let’s consider for a second. If Jimmy Kimmel goes after a health care bill or Colin Kapernick takes a knee, they might actually be acting from real-life empathy. They’re not so far from where most of us are that they’ve become “out of touch”, instead they’re a stone’s throw away from being us – and they remember.

Something to ponder.

Just sayin’…


Anybody Notice…

… how many Republican congressmen are saying they’re against the AHCA aka “Trumpcare” because they fear it’s unpopularity will doom their majorities in the House and Senate come 2018?

Not a word about how the fact that it will literally kill older & sicker segments of our population. Not a word about it being a deeply mean-spirited and unethical piece of legislation.

Might hurt re-election chances though…

Happy New Year?

So 2017 is upon us, and I remarked to my significant other at about 300AM on the 1st, “Well, we’ve had our last celebrity death of 2016 (William Christopher aka Father Mulcahy) and our first terror attack of 2017 (Istanbul’s Reina nightclub.)

2016 was full of both. There’s no need to list them all here. I must say, however, that while the death of baby boomer celebrities is to be expected (they’re getting up there); Prince, George Michael & Carrie Fisher really hit me where I grew up.

I’ve read a number of articles talking about what a crappy year 2016 was. Yet I worry that last year is going to eventually enter the books as “the good old days.”

I was hoping that my Nov. 9th post would help exorcise my deep unease, but it was no catharsis. I spend too much time worrying about us as a nation. Or, more accurately, as humans.

OK. I’ll cop to the fact that I spend too much time worrying about everything. Time to go listen to some Bobby McFerrin.

Still. What can I do to overcome this – to “fight back?” Taking action is always a good cure for fear.

It’s a bit tricky. I’m a middle-aged, white, heterosexual male who marks “some college” on forms that ask for such things. In profile, I suppose I look like a typical Trump voter. Yet I want to get involved. I get that no-one wants to hear complaints from someone in my demographic but seriously, if I read one more screed that essentially says, “Dear White People, you’re not helping” followed by another saying essentially, “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem” I’m going to scream. Good lord, I thought a little thing like wearing safety pins was a simple, understated (and inexpensive) way of showing support. Apparently they’re an “embarrassment” and a symptom of “white savior complex.”

So, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to give a little money where I can, and I’m going to start watching what’s happening at the Capitol. If there’s a protest/march I feel strongly about, I’m going to make a sign and go join the ranks – something I’ve never done before.

Readers? I’d love to hear your suggestions.

Words fail me…

… but I’ll post a few nonetheless.

I’ve never had much faith in people or institutions. If faith is a gift, it is one I wasn’t given. Mine is to doubt & question – and often be profoundly disturbed by the answers I find. Especially those in regard to the nature of humanity.

I am absolutely soul-sick this morning. The people have spoken and I am appalled at their words. The always tenuous link I feel with my fellow humans is frayed to the breaking point and I’m beyond feeling that rational discourse & the exchange of ideas is useful.

For I live in the land of the willfully ignorant and the home of the afraid.

And I want no part of it.

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